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Ranking for Keywords has Value Only if they Bring Qualified Traffic to Your Web Site

August 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Ranking for keywords that will never be used searching for your product is wasted effort.

Lets illustrate the how building a web page around a keyword or phrase that will never be used in a search, can rank well in SERPS (search engine result pages). The term NeverWillSearch a single word and for good measure, we will add another term NeverBeenSearched. Neither one of these words means anything out of this testing context. These terms will illustrate how search engines will index our sample page, and return it in a search for a single tern or both of the terms.

We will build our page in LeadsLander under the our LeadsLander account. We selected the term NeverWillSearch for our page optimization. Both terms have the same number of instances in the body of the page as seen here.

Here is a little tongue in cheek story regarding ranking for terms that have nothing to do with your product or service.

NeverWillSearch and NeverBeenSearched are running a land office business filling the Google index with pages that rank on the first page in search results.  When NeverWillSearch came to NeverBeenSearched with the idea it sounded great, everyone would be impressed with results they could achieve in the mysterious world of search engine rankings.

The page should be indexed in search engines in a week or so from our publish date. Here is an excerpt of the test page we published.

Now we can search for our terms NeverWillSearch and NeverBeenSearched and see how well we have done. Here is a nice description of how keywords are seen by search engines by Jennifer Laycock from Search Engine Guide.

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