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Build the Foundation of any Search Marketing Campaign

July 21st, 2008 · No Comments

Introducing prospective clients to a LeadsLander campaign can follow the same pattern we found successful selling test equipment in the 1980s.

The test system case:

We introduced a new method that dramatically improved the process of testing printed circuit boards. Adoption of the new product was hampered by the high acquisition cost of the equipment, several hundred thousand dollars. We knew that the product would pay for itself over time, but it was a very hard sell.

As more attention was paid to testing in the trade press, awareness grew that the world had changed. Design of circuit boards became complicated and the advantage of testing circuit boards became more apparent.

Because the equipment was so expensive, we had to find a way to demonstrate it would pay, before a substantial investment could be justified. We began offering the process as a service to prospective buyers at a very attractive price. Customers were able to use the process without the demanding approval process of a capital acquisition.

We were able to demonstrate that the new process was very fast and simple to use. After customers became more familiar with the process, they learned to depend on it for their inspection.

Eventually customers of the service were able to justify purchase of the equipment for in-house use.

What parallels does this sales cycle have in common with landing SEM service contracts?

There are many as listed here:

  • Contracting with a Search Marketing Firm is generally a substantially finical commitment, requiring approval of the highest level of management.
  • Awareness is growing that Search Marketing performs.
  • Having demonstrable results can lead to a larger finical commitment to SEM.
  • Customers become more sophisticated in the process, making it more likely your program will meet their expectations.
  • A Positive result builds confidence in your brand.

Building LeadsLander campaigns, customers will be mining their text documents developing a database identifying keywords and narratives related to their products. This data gives any agency a jump-start with a foundation for their Search Marketing Campaign. Your customer experiences real results without giving up your time. You can monitor your customer’s results looking for opportunities to advance to the next level.

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