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USA Today interviews the public face of Google Search Engines technical staff Matt Cutts

June 28th, 2008 · No Comments

Comments posted online by the Search Engine Experts on the advice given by Matt in his USA Today interview make you wonder if the experts get the point. Many of the commenters derided Matt for the basic nature of the recommendations, citing strategies that are more sophisticated. They seemed to miss the point that the best message is the one fashioned for the intended audience of USA Today.

The example Matt gave of the San Diego chiropractor is all too common in professionally designed websites. If only his recommendations were followed, most websites would perform well in less competitive businesses. The Amazon affiliate will not be helped, and they were not in the target audience.

Here is a recap of Matt’s recommendations:

Make sure that you have the terms you want to be found for on your page. The terms should be in your page title and in your description tag. The selected terms must be well supported in the body of the content. Leadslander pages build the title and description tags for you.

External Links to your site are what it’s all about with Google. Links to your site from pages that are on your topic improve your position in search.

You cannot buy your way into Google Search Results. Matt stated that one of the biggest misconceptions is that by running paid advertizing on Google your editorial (organic, free) search results will improve.

Google will find you, you do not need to pay for submission. Google provides many useful tools depending on your skill level: from ADD-a-URL to Webmaster tools.

Matt’s recommendations are a great place to start for anyone who has a website. Check your website for the basics; you’ll find the instructions you need on the Visibility blog.

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