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Google Alerts, Save time in Monitoring Your Visibility in Google

June 11th, 2008 · No Comments

How would like to have someone perform searches in Google for terms related to your company and its business every day then organize them into email folders. They would not charge you a dime and be as reliable as Google. You could collect this information on your competitors and see what level of visibility they are achieving. This may sound too good to be true but its not. You do not need any special status in the search engine marketing world to use a free service Google now offers.

Google Alerts is an email alert for the latest most relevant search result from the Google index, for any term you specify. You may specify any search string in a Google Alert that you would enter in Google Search.

You can get started in no time, just navigate to then begin by adding the name of your company. Add and delete terms to you list of watch words until you see meaningful results. This service can give you a monitor for your search marketing efforts in Google. Monitoring your competitors websites along with your own keyword set.

Begin by selecting the comprehensive option to get alerts from any source that Google indexes. Set the frequency of the email alerts to the level you desire. At the very least, you can see the progress of any website promotion campaign you are running. You can compare the search terms you are monitoring with a direct search for that term in Google search. The alerts will only be recent additions or updates to the Google index.

This alert will not give you any indication of what is being indexed in the other search engines like Yahoo. Google has almost 70% of the search traffic, so you will have a good idea what the world will see if searching for your terms. There are a number of demonstration videos for Google alerts posted on YouTube so I have not added to the clutter. Here is one representative of the lot.

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