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LeadsLander Releases Substantial Upgrade to its LeadsLander Client Engine My Landers

May 13th, 2008 · 2 Comments

LeadsLander Marketers launched designed to help businesses become visible on the web. The first of its products “My Landers” has been substantially revised based on user feedback.

Ed Shea a founding partner stated that, “Our client engine “My Landers” has been redesigned to make it more document centric. The new design is much easier for subscribers without knowledge of the search optimization process to promote their existing websites”.

The LeadsLander Client Engine has an integrated keyword scoring method that easy to understand. The used selects the keyword or phrase that best supports the accompanying text. Page titles and descriptions are generated, and then applied to the generated webpage.

The new release has a more complete Demo mode where many documents can be submitted and scored. Once the user is satisfied with the scoring, they can retain the demo pages for later publishing.

For a limited time Demo, users will have a single LeadsLander published to the web. Unlike “Free” website generator services, all Leadslander pages are automatically submitted to search engines for indexing. The submitted pages have been optimized for search using published search engine guidelines.

Each page contains hyperlinks to the website the user chooses to promote. As pages are added to the account interlinks between are added and updated. This makes for a more search engine friendly publication. Users are searching their local PC networks for candidate documents suitable for a LeadsLander.

The new version is available today with a demonstration video deployed at LL Video Demo.

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