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Search Marketing Consulting Firms Lose Too Many Prospects

May 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Offer prospects a chance to have a positive experience with Search Marketing.

Search Marketing Firms turn away potential clients. Small businesses often put their toes in the water at Search Marketing conferences, and at online forums. The buzz in the news media makes them aware that there is something to Search Marketing. They have successful businesses with professionally produced websites.

The small business owner has no experience with search marketing. The prospect of selling a search marketing campaign to the tune of several thousand dollars is poor. So, what is the SEM firm to do with the interest these companies developed.? They can spend a significant effort selling them or a SEM campaign, or refer them to the “Do it yourself” path. Many of there companies are good prospects for a serious SEM campaign but are lost in the sales cycle.

Search Marketing firms offer volumes of quantity information on their websites and forums, but lose most of these prospects. The purpose of offering free advice in SEO, and SEM is intended to build some credibility that hopefully leads to some business downstream. The problem is the conversion rate is too low for the effort. The advice when taken often leads to a poor experience. Technical skills must be developed for the DIY process to be applied, with the risk of a broken website as a result. Even professionals who tackle SEO on an existing website can have problems contending with someone else’s code.

The solution to losing these prospects is to offer them a path where they can have a positive experience in SEM without a large investment in agency fees or technical training. Introducing the prospect to a product like LeadsLander will provide a positive experience with SEM without the risk of breaking their existing website. In the process of using LeadsLander campaigns, prospects collect the valued content needed for any level of search campaign. LeadsLander account users learn the value of quality content is search rankings. The “magic” of seeing their published work in Google encourages them to see the potential of Search Marketing.

Many of the free tools offered online only reinforce the arcane nature of Search Marketing and confirm the owner’s website is ineffective for search. The first recommendation is often a site rebuild, sending the prospect running in the opposite direction.

Leadslander campaigns can provide the positive experience necessary for a potential client to invest in a comprehensive SEM program downstream.

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