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Keywords, Keywords where do we find them?

April 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Score your text documents for keyword relevance:

Every SEO (search engine optimization) expert starts with a search for keywords that you need to incorporate in the pages of your website. The objective is to find the terms that searchers use when looking for your products. Producing copy that will support these keywords and hopefully, the pages produced, will rank well in a search engine. This convention is well illustrated by Jill Whalen at High Rankings.

There is alternative to the “keyword development” process that collects terms and then produces copy to support the term. Quality copy must read naturally for humans and still contain the keywords found to relate to your product. All along, you have communicated with your customers in this natural style.

The alternative approach is to take all of your existing text documents and analyze them for the most relevant terms as seen by a machine. This approximates the process of the search engine when cataloguing a web page. So lets start there and the analysis tool will tell us what the search term are best supported by the our existing content. Once we know the terms your copy will support we can generate the title and other tags to best present those terms contained in your copy.

Trade publications for your industry also provide a rich source of terms that are timely and topical. Your potential customers search for information related to these articles. You can analyze this content for their keywords and match it up with your inventory. Trade journals have done the work of finding topical material in your business, and then introduce it to your customers.

LeadsLander offers a tool where you can copy and paste any text from your documents or web pages to analyze for keyword relevance. This is like taking an inventory of your text document resources.

Here is a screenshot of the analysis page applied to the bulk of this post. The text is scored for its content and the terms contained are ranked for relevance.

Test Analysis Tool

The tool is free to use for any text document, just login to a Free LeadsLander account

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