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Content is King, Find text documents on your desktop for publication

April 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

Content is King, finding content for your website promotion.

Let’s talk about what makes good content and where we find it. Search Engines all publish guidelines for good content and if followed, should lead to the better rankings. The principal guideline is always to write for the intended audience, your prospective customer.

Providing authoritative information related to your business can take many forms, which you are familiar.

• Advertisement or Flyer
• Application Note
• Customer Service Bulletin
• Sales letters to Customer
• Engineering Change Notice
• Trade Journal Article/White Paper
• Testimonials
• Recommend applications

The texts from these documents are a great source for LeadsLander campaigns, Article submissions, and news releases. The original content is written for a human audience, so it just needs formatting for the search engine. When the original documents address a specific customer or project they may be edited for a general audience. You can find candidates to publish by using the tools built into your desktop.
The example given here is a search in the Microsoft Windows XP. Find documents on your desktop that contain phrases related to your products. In the example, all the documents containing the term “music wire” are listed in the results. Select one of the documents and all or part of the text may be copied for publication.

Cut and paste part or all of the text into your promotional piece.

Now search your email files for key terms and find more candidates for publication.

The next step#6: Score your text documents for keyword relevance:

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