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Building Links to your website part 1:

April 10th, 2008 · No Comments

Step#3: Building Free Links to your website:

Links to your web site can accomplish a number of things, the least of which is making search engines aware of your pages. There is no advantage to submitting your site to search engines directly. Once a search engine becomes aware of your site from a link on any page in its index it will schedule a crawl of your site. Once your pages start showing up in the index there is no need for resubmission.  Google Maps local business center is a great place to get started building links for your site. Once you have added your entry not only will Google know about your web site, you may well be included in search results. Here is an example of the results page.  So let’s kill two birds with one stone, by adding our business to the local listings of the search engines.

Google local search AML

Follow the link and add your site to Google now. Out of pocket $0.00

Follow the link and add your site to Yahoo now. Out of pocket $0.00

Follow the link and add your site to MSN now. Out of pocket $0.00

The ideal website for search marketing would have all the authoritative content on every aspect of a subject related to your products and services. Everyone in the related fields would recognize this site by posting referral links on their websites and blogs. The anchor text of the links would have your best keywords relating to your products. This proposition is unlikely for most of us.

However, we can take advantage of the link building process to improve our web sites performance in search. Links from pages that have content related to our web site and its content have value in improving search results. Search engine rankings are relying more on referrals from related sites. The closer the linking pages relate to your content, the more value they have as a referrer. A link on your local Pizzerias’ website may get you some traffic if someone clicks on the link, but does not contribute to your search ranking.

The next step#4: Building Links to your website part 2:

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