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SEM Free Samples from a Search Engine Marketing Firm?

March 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Search Engine Marketers lament that so many prospects that would benefit from search Marketing techniques don’t buy into the program.  The prospect wants some form of performance guarantee, often based on a lack of understanding of the process. 
Client’s awareness of the performance of their website is limited to how appealing the pages render in a web browser.  The first thing a search marketer does with their suite of analysis tools is show the site owner how ugly his daughter (website) is. 

The next step is a proposal to fix the offending daughter with some SEO make-up. The pages must be updated with improved copy, the underlying code needs work and to perform well under the performance guarantee, a PPC program is recommended.  This is an expensive proposition, involving many thousand of well earned dollars, by the consulting firm.

Ah, if only we could only take the client into the future showing the results that will be achieved.  The prospect, after finding that his site returns in the Google for a meaningful search term, would gladly sign our long term contract.  They have had a positive experience with Search Marketing and now “buy into the process”.  PPC campaigns are often recommended to provide this positive experience.  The prospect wants that elusive long lasting organic result, the result they trust in their own search experience. 

The look into the future is not possible, but encouraging some activity where the prospective customer can have a positive experience with search.  A search firm can offer some entry level marketing program the client can use without developing SEO skills in-house. 

Many businesses can use free samples or test runs of their product to develop new customers.  The customer does not have to understand how or why a product works, they can see for themselves.  That still leaves the obstacle of demonstrating value of a product to a prospective customer.  Unlike the legal and medical fields where demand is created by circumstances, search marketing must produce some added value.

Search Marketing offers the promises of building a business by improving the companies’ visibility in search.   Visibility is the first step in making connections to potential customers.  The conversion process is then addressed, through direct conversion on site, often developing direct contact to the prospect. 

Do not dismiss prospects who may be potential clients down the road.  Providing some free samples may be just the thing a prospect needs to develop a positive experience with search. Google Maps is one free sample that can be offered with no cost.  There are several DIY options that will help lead a prospect to the professional marketer. 

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