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Introduction To Search Engine Marketing – Website Promotion

March 10th, 2008 · No Comments

Small business can now take advantage of Website promotion by building Link Popularity to their existing websites without the need for technical expertise.
Most small businesses operators have become aware of the potential for developing prospects by making their website visible in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
Business journals regularly feature articles on Introduction to Search Engine Marketing and Web Site Promotion. This is a process for improving their website ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
The problem for small businesses was this process required arcane technical knowledge of both website production and search engine behaviors. The company has a website that was produced by an outside consultant who had no experience with SEO. The sites for the most part were designed to be an online version of the company brochure. When faced with even the smallest changes to the site there are substantial charges by the outside consultant. When prospective customers were directed to the website, the company was reasonably represented.
Company websites were not producing any new leads. The only traffic the website received was from those directed to the site with the company name or site URL. Searches for a company’s products and services would not lead an unfamiliar prospect to your site. More often, your competitors would populate the results.

Search is the first place a prospect will turn to investigate new services or products. The pages the prospect finds will shape their view of credible sources for the solutions they need. To develop as a customer searchers  must become aware of your company and how they can contact you.

A small business must develop a reasonable understanding of the Search Marketing to employ an effective approach in promoting their website. The most important consideration is to understand the Search Engine prospective. Search Engines are successful when they return results related to the searchers questions. You are the provider of this content by publishing your pages.

The most effective website promotion involves publishing quality content to the web.

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